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非诚勿扰孙媛媛|河北省图书馆首页"I never regret anything I do." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Lan Zhan: "Leave, war, politics, are not for you, I am not Kirby can that fool, in front of the real lean, once trapped in, you will be swallowed even bone residue.""What have you done to her?" Kirby can almost blurt out, just a word, Kirby can detect bad, see lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a banter, there is no time to scold, beside Murong GUI and TaBaJi powder has started, two machetes, at the same time from two directions to Kirby can.Not just because of the problems Randall might have exposed, More importantly, The split was his proposal and final decision, At that time vowed to defeat temuzhen, but in the end, the direction of development and his original said the opposite, not only failed to ambush success, but damaged half of the military forces, ke sin, to jin two big tribes have no hope, I'm afraid the king of this time has begun to send someone to receive.

"Master, what happened? Why rashly move troops?" Giffin to lyu3 bu4 bow way."Uncle Akun, are you mistaken?" Look at the darkened sky, step degree root frown to attract the tribe's patriarch, sink a voice asked."Are you kidding? With these people?" Lyu3 bu4 incredibly looked at Zhang Gu, shook his head and said: "This general first battle tiger fastened, the world hero Mo Dan tassel its edge, horse step harmony cool, pressuring the north, hundreds of troops still come and go freely, just eight hundred defeated, you rely on these people? Want me to die? Are you kidding?"非诚勿扰孙媛媛|Unfortunately, this quiet, after all, was broken.

非诚勿扰孙媛媛|"Master, what shall we do now?" Uighur when looked at lyu3 bu4, this battle, not only took the begging voodoo nest, but also completely destroyed begging voodoo, they don't count, just these self-trampling and died begging voodoo, I'm afraid there are one or two thousand people, after this war, begging voodoo tribe is completely abandoned.Yang Wu, with a huge defeat in the battle of Guandu, Lombardi collapsed, Jizhou, Youzhou, Many cities choose to wait and see, No longer obey lombardi, Lombardi is overwhelmed, Cao Cao took the opportunity to cross the Yellow River, occupied the former Yuan Shaotun army Yangwu, Cao cao at the moment some complacent, guandu battle, not only won victory on the battlefield, but also earned enough political capital for himself, bing at the moment in a mess, YangWu barracks, but is filled with joy, cao cao after occupying YangWu, obtained a lot of trench, surrounding counties also sent a lot of hay."The strategist said heavy, just..." Zhang he wry smile way: "Our army for step, if refused to keep the city and still have a chance of life, but if out of the city, may not d enemy."

"At the end of the day!" Pound, Liao Hua two people smell speech bow way.The three looked at each other, all shook their heads, Country frown way: "Master how can have such an idea, At this point is the critical moment, although our army tired, but the yuan this beginning also under great pressure, at this moment our army a retreat, originally weak lombardi will be like a tiger out of the cage, unstoppable, and with our morale now, once we make the move to evacuate, just yuan this beginning sent a rush, I'm afraid it will immediately become a rout. "For these talents, lyu3 bu4 is not embarrassed, quantity and use, not like xuzhou as honored guests, also not suppressed, adhere to lyu3 bu4 consistent employment principles, can, mediocre.非诚勿扰孙媛媛|




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