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妖瞳耽美池州黄页大全"Grandpa! Zheng xiaotong silently knelt in front of zheng xuan, burst into tears."Keep an eye on ye cheng. Don't let them come out and make trouble. Zhang liao took a deep breath, let his inner heart that irritable blood pressure down, with all levels of the school on the fortification.Zhao DE was awakened from his sleep. He did not pay attention to his concubine's panic-stricken inquiry. He dressed himself quickly and prepared to go out.

Chapter ix interviewNaval battle or war with different marines, and no man will be more useful, strong reliance on ships, paekche navy are basically some fishing boat turned up, the real ship is not much, but before this, no concept of naval warfare paekche countries, let alone the relevant military personnel, and this itself is a war generals, spent a year in order to be clear about the naval doorways, paekche countries without war of talent, only the generals sent to marines, the result of natural, gan ning was introduced from the other shore, and then with the help of the waves, thirty thousand behaves completely silent, from then on, Paikche was beaten down."After brother zi zhen was also a famous scholar, I had great respect for duke kang chenggong, but I didn't want his descendants to be unfilial. Instead of inheriting his legacy, I fawned on him. Chang 'an academy, a scholar neither Yin nor Yang sneer.妖瞳耽美"Your lordship speaks very strongly." Behind the curtain, gurgle music, do not hear a bit of fluctuation, light voice spread: "line have line rules, good at asking state affairs, it is taboo, others can touch, but we, must not touch!"

妖瞳耽美I don't know what it is, but lyu3 bu4 felt that it must have something to do with the matter of being crowned king."Cough cough ~" Yang fu one mouthful of tea gushed out, turned a head to see maid one eye, su rong way: "this words can't nonsense."In the afternoon, a row of arrow towers were erected to make the area visible for a long distance, and then a partition was erected so that people in yecheng could not see behind the partition.

"Lord, a messenger from baiji has come to see the son of heaven." Chen qun su rong way.Zhang liao ignored the advance troops and watched coldly as the main force of cao's army began to approach.This is not difficult to identify, although lu zheng and lu bu are not the same mold, but there is a 70 percent similarity, a little less than the impact of the face of lu bu, moderate peace, but do not lose masculinity, although young, but carrying a ball club, riding a horse, is quite heroic.妖瞳耽美




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