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真爱背后全集|世杰三轮车Face to face, xunyou a bitter face, look at cao cao said: "Lord, the army medicine has not been able to keep up, many wounded soldiers have no way to treat."Kongming, is it too urgent?" Zhou mu fu, liu bei frowned at zhuge liang."Very good, if you want to live, then do as I said, this commander will never make it difficult for you, and even after the matter is finished, to give you a promotion jin jin! Zhou yu indifferent way.

"Fire!" As standardbearer fast to semaphore will orders, responsible for the conductor broken crossbows array PianJiang commanded, three thousand pieces of broken army was up again, across six hundred steps distance, jun shield car is over there, but bed crossbow has just arrived, three thousand JianCu down, quite a few officers and soldiers carry ballista was shot through the body directly, dozens ballista paralysis."Er... What meaning?" Zhang song puzzled to look at the positive law, the positive law did not say what."Zhuge kongming? Zhou yu narrowed his eyes slightly. Although it was the first time we met, he was sure that the person in front of him was zhuge liang.真爱背后全集|Zhou yu looked at the prisoners and asked, "do you want to live?"

真爱背后全集|"Huh?" Xia houyuan smell language vacant stare big eyes: "with this, who is willing? Those stupid people lost their heads? Anybody respond?"River bank edge, a beacon tower above, several guard beacon tower jingzhou soldiers sit together chat chat fart, such a day, ghost will not come out, therefore, the heart of vigilance relaxed a lot."Military secrets? Lv bu shook his head and said, "this is not urgent. Let him tell zhou yu where liu bei stored his grain. It is time for the farce of the alliance to end."

"The Lord is at ease." Zhuge liang slightly nodded.For a moment, zhang song seemed to understand why dharma was so confident and simply frowned: "how could liu zhang listen to me now that I have no voice?""With 6,000 elite troops from chang 'an and 20,000 troops from hanzhong surrendered, zhang ren had 100,000 troops in langzhong. You have seen the terrain of the two passes of baishui and jiameng. Our bow and arrows are not able to give full play to our superiority. Pang tong rolled his eyes and handed a bowl of wine from a nearby tea table.真爱背后全集|





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