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波塞冬2马蹄清洗机Chapter 34 healthCourt, with the v finish words, attention is concentrated on the v finish, cao cao eyebrows tiny cu, he also has a joint world governors GongZhu lyu3 bu4, the opportunity has emerged, next, the governors, lyu3 bu4 a total review is only a matter of time, cao cao is willing to wait for, but fell out at the moment, about this faint, cao cao has been aware of any inappropriate.Lyu3 bu4 silent, if not he was born, the gradual formation of circle not only won't be broken, and the unceasing expansion, eventually form a cycle of self-righteous, on this point, he felt himself to the country, the nation, or might help, at least to be remembered the biography of black cao cao, liu bei is beautified to don't like people than their more great.

"I will die to follow my Lord." The pro - guard command turn over mount horse, clench the weapon in the hand.Controlling the land is small, but the family is not a fool, how can not see the real significance of liu bei's move, this rare gathered people's hearts, I am afraid that it will be greatly discounted."That let them early tomorrow morning, with jiang dong emissary to visit together." Lv bu thought for a while.波塞冬2Zhang liao did not answer, but waved his hand and asked for liu ye to be taken away. After that, he would arrange to escort liu ye to chang 'an.

波塞冬2"Monkey, what the President said is not without reason." Liu xie heart some depression, on the one hand, this is to seal the different surname wang rhythm, and on the other hand, he can see that cao cao this moment is really angry.Ju su bowed slightly and said, "now jingxiang has become the focus of the world. Although there is a civil disorder, if we rush to send troops, it will surely cause the princes to discuss with each other. That is, our army will move to luoyang to control cao cao.Late at night, yecheng quietly opened the door, three thousand yecheng elite quietly appear in the outside, like the ghost to three outside touch to the walls of the place of the arrow, across the darkness, Zhao De standing on the wall, although the dark can't see anything, but still kept staring at, this battle, relationship spent the jizhou attribution, the future of yecheng, ain't he's not careful.

"Lord, your frost emissary and jiangdong emissary have gone beyond the south gate." An hussar riding battalion all came in and bowed to lv bu."Return host, GUI shuang country experienced a coup a year ago, the country is very chaotic, so called emissary, I am afraid is not the imperial court sent." "The nighthawk bowed."Er... "Deng zhan looked at the hands of lu zheng, lu zheng has taken the opportunity to break free of his bondage, turned to look at him coldly, the expression, with lu bu almost exactly the same.波塞冬2




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