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克里顿的遗迹ss燃脂排油套盒The arrows in the crossbow were shot continuously, and the wooden javelin made them unstable after thirty paces, but they did not need to be accurate, only to have a general direction.< / p > < p > from the tiger closed eyes, the eyes are dense cao jun, as if to use the sea to the world to crush the general."Ha ha, zhou yu's child, medium my family adviser's plan also!" In zhou an complexion mad change of the moment, a furious angry cheers, zhang fei iron tower figure appeared, around, a team of jingzhou soldiers and 500 jiangdong soldiers surrounded.

Who is it?Many shield his consciousness raised his hand behind the shield to protect hand crossbows, but this time the shoot out of the bolt is not intense, but with a strong penetration, the arrows, though not like before that a wave of arrows rain now generally five feet, but there are also two feet long, with a strong penetration on wooden shield, shield directly through the wood, the wood behind the shield of the shield hand crucified on the ground, some JianCu shot down the shield gap directly into more terrorist, not only through the rear crossbowman body, more directly behind the crossbow militia are shot through with, without the shield block, these JianCu tends to shot through two people body, It was horrible.Plumes of smoke rising up, but it doesn't make any sense, smoke fog wrapped, don't say miles above, are ten zhangs outside all may not be able to detect, as for everyone else, could guild wars, was from the ledge to climb up the beacon tower people in the middle, very know machine lost his weapon, kneeling on the ground, no one wants to die, even if it is a soldier in the case of this resistance is obviously dead, also few people willing to moment.克里顿的遗迹Blade from sun yi head less than three inches of the place to stop, a few wisps of broken hair fell quietly.

克里顿的遗迹"A general, unfortunately no one can recognize his potential." Zhou yu shook his head.It was something zhang fei had developed over the years. Some of it was similar to cunjin's. After the weapon came into contact, it was able to make a second effort to inflict damage on the opponent."Presumptuous! Guan yu's eyes narrowed and sneered, "now you are the only one left in the four court pillars of hebei. I think that the four court pillars of hebei are no longer necessary."

KuaiShi brothers as long as one man, left for liu bei, is the devil, jingzhou past four everybody, even kill kuai family, as long as there is a stay, and that is to inherit the whole kuai former connections, this kind of thing is invisible, intangible, invisible, but real, and very difficult to eradicate, not polite to speak, if liu bei to kuai now home network uprooted, that his hand at least most of the people to suffer, even several major counselor, including the various ge is bright, like liu bei alienation, that even if he had the jingzhou, will fall into the predicament of the liu table that year."General! In gao shun's camp, a crossbow soldier was about to shoot when a large hand caught his crossbow and looked at gao shun doubtfully."Poop-poop poop-poop ~"克里顿的遗迹




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