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朱丹和陶喆|仁大氨糖More importantly, zhang song's compromise can be said to be a benchmark, the old family is not a piece of iron, when lu bu step by step after the growth, some in the family circle mixed not as good as one's heart will start to turn to lu bu side, this in the original lu bu and jia xu had been expected, but how to measure this standard? Zhang song is a good example, it can be predicted that when lu bu successfully won the shu zhong, as an example of zhang song, lu bu will not only realize his promise, at the same time, in many issues, can be partial to zhang song."My father thinks highly of the emperor's uncle. Before he came here, he had made a special request that when he saw him this time, he must worship his son and nephew." "Liu bowed.'father! In the crowd, a young man rushed out, a hand wang tired, exclaimed.

"Lyu3 bu4, I am marquis, with you level, you can't kill me!" Ford struggled to be dragged out of the hall."Don't know to say hello before entering a son, urgent what?" Pang tong wiped his nose awkwardly and wiped his hand under the armrest. He looked at wei yan angrily.This is the first time gao shun took the initiative to ask for something with himself, let lv bu more or less some guilty, this from a long time ago to follow their own, always do not abandon the brother, his these years is some ignored.朱丹和陶喆|"Righteousness? Zhuge liang smiled and said, "I heard that nanman started to be unsettled recently, and all the troops and horses in the middle of shu were sent to fight against lv bu in hanzhong.

朱丹和陶喆|"Zi Ming, you don't have to accompany me, go to rest first." Zhou yu looked up at the sleepy lv meng and smiled."Light see overlord." Zhuge liang bowed slightly and looked at zhou yu and sighed: "what's the trouble for the commander?""Ask him in." Zhang song wen yan stood up, he would like to see who is playing the devil.

Liu zhang is in a good mood recently, this period of time, he is staring at those families do not put, a lot of old accounts were turned out, not only enrich liu zhang's Treasury, more importantly, liu zhang to win a good name."Follow" operator, I flashed too, this jiangdong soldiers, only half I deny jin, AnShu said jin has the appearance of the emperor, but AnShu may not know, this is the heaviest imperial suspicion, since jin took office, quietly will wimer, islas, tardif those loyal to the former "operator specialist, and a good soldier to suppress climbing, are climbing the reasons, also in order to divide my relieving.""Zhong mou is afraid of me, and unlike bo fu, zhong mou's means are quite cruel and spicy, especially to his own people." Zhou yu sighed and said, "of course, I have been collecting firewood and mulberry for years. I made up my mind to take over jingxiang.朱丹和陶喆|





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