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tribeplay罗汉鱼天下After all, it was because zhou yu broke the covenant first and attacked the lake mouth that the jingzhou army ran out of food. This reason makes sense, and it is impossible to say that we will attack shu zhong next.A joss stick time soon passed, cao cao's 50,000 troops have gathered into five phalanxes, began to move toward gao shunjun.For a while, except for cao cao, even liu xun, who was close to liu bei, turned unnatural and declared himself king, which was a crime of treason.

However, he remembered that lu bu had come here because he had an idea about the new weapons in jingzhou army. Although he saw the fire, even if he saved it, it would be of little use, but pound still wanted to try."As long as I am there, the agent will not rest easy." Zhou yu looked at filled with fog river, bitterly say with smile: "at first, he will only according to my personal, but as time went on, his fear will be more and more deep, so now, for I week, jin, how many will remember some incense, but the family affection with my existence, more and more thin, for I fear will gradually transferred to my family."Shield wall, ugly bowstring to limit voice sounded again, like death curse xh I'm blue in the face, just that a wave was offensive, he can not forget the range has been keep up with their bed crossbows, however, jun, bed crossbow combined also however three hundred aircraft, and the opposite of that kind of strong crossbow, certainly more than three hundred, can be organized into a cluster of arrows rain, least two thousand or more.tribeplay"Not only the wangs, the big family of shu, in this more than a month time, was almost cleaned up by liu zhang, I wait in the front for him to kill the enemy, go through fire and water, he is behind the scourge of my family? In that case, why should we remain loyal to him?"

tribeplay"Damned motherfuckers! Ford lay down on the back of the horse and looked at the group of women who were as vigorous as the female leopard, feeling very unlucky in his heart."Are the ships ready?" Zhou yu did not answer, but asked.Although it was not as strong as the momentum of the governors against dong, it was not at all weak or even stronger in terms of momentum. At that time, it looked like the momentum of the governors was so great that they actually had their own ideas.

Horse all smell speech at lyu3 bu4 with a wry smile, are lyu3 bu4 oneself want to, but will the lavatory buckle on his own head, and he also can't refute, horses are actually oneself also think lyu3 bu4 some fuss, lyu3 bu4 under military industry, now even private science and technology level, should be thrown leud a piece, it is necessary to care about other people?"Shubi, do not underestimate the enemy!" Sun jing stood aside, looked at the opposite has been smiling face of liu bei, frowning way."Arrogant? The young general raised his head and looked at huang zhong, who was behind liu bei. He sneered, "even if I am poor, I will not use this old soldier. If there is no one around, duke xuande can ask his brother for help.tribeplay




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