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泡泡影视popu|茵之宝"The problem is not liu table, as the sovereign, liu table nature unify don't want to do is to the north, cao yuan, now the tetrarch is weak, once the master, I'm afraid then unify north bureau, no matter who unify the north, the next step is to xiongnu south, liu jingzhou impossible to look not to come out, but the problem is that in JingXiang, said liu jingzhou one isn't." Yang fu drummed his finger on the table."Hum!" Crisis, lyu3 bu4 eyes flash across a gas, and the arguments in the party day painting ji hew out with incredible speed, fended off coppage weapon and xu chu, at the same time a hiding in the stirrup, away from the other three attacks, red hare take a leap into forward, from sample and the high Sui yuan into cracks appear, lyu3 bu4 to sit back on horseback, backhand a strange pythons turn, a wisp of cold mountain, past Sui yuan into the throat, the head of a big fight going up into the sky.In the second half of the sentence, you did not say, but sometimes, some words, do not say, rather than say more terrible, zhang yan at that timeHis face changed.

Under the setting sun, looking at the closed gate and the head of the city for the liu word banner, gao shun frowned at the magnificent sea: "how can liu bei be here?""No wonder so arrogant, hey, be lv bu when such age, also this standard?" Zhang fei this moment is to kill meaning big rise however, this woman, stay not to be able to!However, although gongsundu was annoying, no one really took gongsundu seriously under chang 'an and even the whole lyu3 bu. Zhaoyun was different from that in history. In history, zhaoyun seldom led troops alone since he joined liu bei.泡泡影视popu|"Lyu3 bu4 this is not to sell a book, but be to buy the heart of the poor door in the world!" In the sound of a sigh, a figure appeared outside the thatched cottage, red-lipped and white-toothed, eight feet tall, with a face like a crown of jade, dressed in feather, with a feather fan in his hand, and three long whiskers under the skeleton. At a glance, he looked like a human being.

泡泡影视popu|< / p > < p > guan hai instinct of a elbow in the past, the other hand a letter, the body was tube hai that moment out of the power of the earthquake, issued a stuffy hum, tube hai and lu fang was about to pursue, but the other side is on one knee: "night camp leader li shuxiang see general guan.Liu2 bei4 hand help female wall, dead dead stare at xiong kuo sea, bite one's teeth to pass a way: "sing gold!"These days, for jingzhou army, nature is having a hard time, LianZhanLian failure, low morale, but for liu bei, even after the jingzhou, the most comfortable for a period of time, liu bei to confront that night, especially on d Zhang Feixian defeat, and holds the sea, to save a lot of jingzhou army morale and dignity, and liu bei control hay, these days, these step by step, beaten army be liu2 bei4 annexation.

"Tonight? Zhang liao looked at lu bu.Xu chu but the first under cao cao's command, this matter lu bu side rushed out of a person, even in the strength and xu chu is not the same, this skill, looking at the world, is also a number of figures, lu bu side, when more than a such a strong?泡泡影视popu|




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