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北京瑲隗广播|绿华园"Be." The maid promised and bowed down to leave. After Yang fu had cleaned up, he hurried to the hussar's house."Poof ~"< / p > < p > jingxiang covered with clouds, chang 'an in the yuan festival over, also began to be busy, after the discussion with the ministers, lu bu has decided to move to luoyang.

Xia houyuan silently nodded his head, but his eyes fell on the bar of the flag, see the flag on the town of east general zhang five words unusual eye-catching."Lord, a messenger from baiji has come to see the son of heaven." Chen qun su rong way."End the battle as soon as possible, and remember, never persecute the people! Xiangyang soldiers, please try to surrender." Liu bei nodded his head and said solemnly that xiangyang, as the capital of xiangyang in liu biao's time, could not be replaced by a second city in jingzhou in a short time, whether it was solid or politically important.北京瑲隗广播|Zhaoyun look out of the camp, unarmed yu ban, a smile, the hands of the silver gun down a little pressure, signal temporarily remove the alert, turn over and dismount, stride forward, came to the forbidden body.

北京瑲隗广播|It would be inappropriate to continue the administration in chang 'an.The momentum of the dead carry to the end is gone, even when liu bei hit xiangyang news came, CAI MAO also just simply nodded, and zhang yun found that CAI MAO around people, overnight for a stubble, faint, seems to have bad things happened."Lord." A figure quietly appeared in front of lv bu.

"The nighthawk sees his master." In the shadow in hall, a figure appears stealthily, the woman of clothes of a gray color appears stealthily before lv bu body, one knee kneel.After all, this is the time to show the power of the country, but also to show the two sides of the ambassador of a kind of attention.Jun ahead after hearing sounded, such as amnesty, a moment of desperation, began to crazy retreat, however it did not stop the attack of fortifications, crossbow after five years of research and development, now has range extend from step at the beginning of 50 to one hundred and twenty step, even the range of crossbows nearly two hundred steps distance, and the horror of war crossbow range can be extended to five hundred steps, but the poignant attack interval, even after five years of study also can't too much of a breakthrough, in the battle, it's hard to use for the second time.北京瑲隗广播|




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