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耐克运动汇云南白糖网"Death row! Haven't had time to see each other is what person, in the hands of combating dao by the split out, was a small dagger pick, then a lattice in tiger who lead startled gaze, potential sink energetically combating dao so be pick away, followed by a delicate sleeve crossbow appeared in the line of sight, of course, there is a slender arms.Cao cao smiled sadly and nodded, from the scene of the news, obviously not large-scale military action, and this day, there is the ability to unknowingly rely on a small group of forces to slaughter 100 tiger guards plus 400 cao liu allied forces, I am afraid only under the leadership of lu bu, can appear such elite.'who's out there! ?" The sound of joy in the room stopped, liu zhang some angry voice sounded.

"Well." < / p > < p > guan yu nodded, as the charge in the first line of the people, he knew better than liu bei that help the western region hu bing crazy, think of not long ago, directly from the wall jumped down the body as a weapon to hit the people of the western region hu bing, even if it is guan yu feel some cold."My husband should put state first. How dare I look strange? My husband, please take a rest. I will retire first." The pretty woman shook her head with a smile."Pang tong has seen the generals!" Pang tong looked around, the situation of the whole camp is clear at the moment, at present in this camp, there are two master, it seems that zhang ren has been taken.耐克运动汇"Peng ~"

耐克运动汇"In addition to this, he will also bring orders for his master to ride an hussar." The magnificent sea from the arms took out a token, show to all the way.This is an unwritten rule. During the truce, as long as you don't break the rules to attack the city rashly, if you just collect the dead bodies, you won't organize them. After all, if the dead bodies pile up, they will easily form a plague.Looking at the meeting hall, one eye view nose, nose view heart of the courtier, liu zhang feel gas do not play a place to: "talk! Why are there rebels Ah? What has become of your usual sagacity?"

Liu bei camp, looking at guan yu back safely, and finally let Liu Beisong a sigh, he didn't want to own strength will have any loss, days of the war, but has not let Liu Beitai concerns, cao cao is over there from the start, the storm gradually into the defensive, up to now, relying on the prison camp before the tiger commissioner to built a fortress, make liu2 bei4 also, but cao cao can do this, liu bei is not, the fault is commissioner of the terrain is dispersive, even if put under a checkpoint here, also not too much significance."Go!" Guan yu gave a slight sigh, glanced at pound coldly, turned over, climbed over the wall, and stepped down the ladder, followed by xing daorong. Then he saw at least five or six hu soldiers jump directly from the wall and hit him with their bodies."Don't you see?" Pang tong some silent look at wei, this shipment is march war was good, but these things are too ignorant, "who is not important, only this time, LangZhong force, has a sufficient weight to chengdu, liu DHS, swaney, even zhang ren himself back, the result will not have what distinction, and before that, all is done for this one character, and filial piety means to add shorts this should be straight, there's always a way against them, master, this kind of strange man thing but a lot of small tricks, milan, is thoroughly plant this time耐克运动汇




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