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望京金箍棒|洗目活眼素"Kill!" Five hundred guanzhong elite issued a low growl, in the dark, in order to avoid hurting their own people, did not use crossbow arrow, but directly on the knife."Boom ~"The two looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

"This..." Liu Xiewen speech, can't help but smother, that is to say, the loss, he can only eat, not only did not exchange for any benefits, finally also fell a no, looked at cao cao that look like an idiot, Liu Xie only feel difficult to sit."What the hell is going on?" Zhang Fei found the ruined brute soldiers general, angry roar shock mountain birds have startled: "Where is your prince!"Chapter one hundred and seventeen killed望京金箍棒|As a result, early in the morning of the fourth day, Guan yu attack, the speed of the city, even guan yu himself some Meng, guarding city soldiers panic on the city, the result has not yet stood firm, the wall has been taken by guan yu, lu su just finished wearing, guan yu has broken the gates, into the city, and know the other side of the reason for so lax defense, guan yu also have a feeling of crying and laughing.

望京金箍棒|"Kill ~" front row of jingzhou soldiers quickly raised rattan shield, toward wei camp to kill.Words not finished, head-on an arrow has been fired, Chen shrieks did not have time to send out, was tardif an arrow shot through the right eye, arrows from the back of the head used to, fell straight from the horse.

Another defeat, for zhuge liang, the mood at the moment can be imagined.Zhang Fei: "…"Rao is so, zhuge liang also had to consider how to deal with the guanzhong soldiers, weapons is one of the military strength, complain that the other armor of the benefit of some ridiculous, but zhuge liang had to comfort people with these words, they armor is too strong, in fact, the opponent itself is not as good as you?望京金箍棒|





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