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雨樱花伴奏|yami 时尚腕表手机Shaking his head, liang xing said with a bitter smile: "there is no news yet, burn when people recently for our defense is very strict, our people, even qiang people also can't get any news, probably is that the first world war lost too many soldiers, do not want to send troops to help.Although in history, the battle of guandu the ultimate winner is cao cao, but history is like a river, any deviation, are likely to turn to a different direction, lombardi again how, now gather strength but cao cao is more than ten times, lombardi lose, but Cao Caoke can't afford to lose, cao cao is a lost one false move may lose the game, and Yuan Shaore really win, with the influence of the three fairs Yuan Gu iv, collected cao cao site available soon, at that time, lu bu will face more severe situation than cao cao, however, so the battle, cao cao, even if lost, lyu3 bu4 must also ensure that cao cao unbeaten, best can the battle lasted a few years, Let lyu3 bu4 have more time to develop oneself."Nothing." Lv bu wen yan, shook his head, some wry smile knead knead eyebrow center, looked at changan's change, subconscious began to think about the next step plan, some magic.

In the cold voice, each king of tu raised his eyes to see, but saw a han military officer holding a very exaggerated square painting halberd, riding a god jun's fiery red BMW, like a group of flames has rushed into the battle."Although general meng qi failed to fulfill his wish, he was able to accomplish a great success." Li ru shook his head with a sad smile and didn't give much explanation. He followed zhang liao and started to chase after him. After a short time, they saw everywhere in front of them the han sui army.In the room, diao cicada's scream is still continuing, the child also don't know how to return a responsibility, an hour, still not born, anxious a group of stable old woman turn round and round, especially outside the cry more let everyone have a kind of daze don't know what to do.雨樱花伴奏|Not our race, its heart will be different, mo said sheng dou xiaomin, this kind of thought, even in the high level is common, so, national integration must have absolute advantage of han people such a premise, can continue to promote.

雨樱花伴奏|"This method is quite feasible." Chen gong thought for a moment, nodded and was about to speak when a knight came galloping from a distance.< / p > < p > thousands of miles away from cao cao how to talk about himself, lu bu will not know, not boring to care about this kind of thing, after arriving at gu Tibet with ma chao, lu bu will directly let people to burn the ultimatum, or war, or health, looking at do."Thank wen and brother to introduce more." Fa yan nodded his thanks. Even though he was asking for help from others, his face was very rigid. Normal people were really difficult to get along with.

"Wen sorrow bully me." Chen gong shook his head and said with a smile, "the Lord is now in the midst of employing people.A group of xianbei people who stay in the post station look at the sudden arrival of juyan city army, is to ask, the crowd, suddenly sounded a clear voice: "put an arrow!"雨樱花伴奏|




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