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宋茜最强情侣盘丝仙仙播客"Each of our wars, we must strengthen themselves, to fight to keep the war, in the future to have the strength and lombardi, cao cao, instead of constantly to fight a war of attrition!" Lyu3 bu4 emphatically said: "I have decided on this matter.""Heard that WenHou wantonly migrated around Nanyang, afraid of breeding plague, specially came, only to find out, WenHou not only brave crown, but also have the ability to rule the world, Hua Tuo admired. Hua tuo smiled and looked at lyu3 bu4 way."First, the simplest thing is that your excellency knows he is invincible. Why don't you turn down at Kaesong?" Li you cool way.

"Don't worry, patriarch." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Yang Xi, cold ferocious Xiuluo armor, but can not hide the pair of eyes like water, smiled: "Now the general is half a white water qiang people, will not abandon."Solved the wall not many defenders, zhou cang quickly with the men toward the gate, along the way, unexpectedly did not meet half a night patrol, from lyu3 bu4 ordered to open the gate, the whole process took less than a wick sweet effort.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech is slightly zheng, looked at HanDe one eye, HanDe looked puzzled, wondered: "master, what's wrong?"宋茜最强情侣Lyu3 bu4 quietly looked at the scene, eyes surprisingly no anger, very calm, calm, some scary, this is troubled times, han indoor chaos, governors separatist regime, human life such as mustard, also constantly depleting the big fellow's national strength, until now, a vassal race, dare to reveal his fangs to the han people.

宋茜最强情侣This battle is thankless, won no good, lost all the blame in the master, and charge forward, also have to let his horses in front, the worst casualties are also him, hou elected workers do not contribute, this line of battle is almost all by the people he brought in."Well, the enemy is not far away, pick up your weapons, with the enemy's humble blood and head, tell these dare to violate my border conference semifinals, against my big fellow TianWei, although far away will be over!""Very well!" D looked at the garrison of ChengTou, corners of his mouth flashed a deep smile, he will use the city rebellious blood, memorial to the spirit of his family in the sky!

"Master thoughtful, Xu admired." Giffin heartily sighed, Since being caught by lyu3 bu4, Giffin most admire is not lyu3 bu4 war level, Is not the crown of the world's force, but lyu3 bu4 unique opinions on many things, these opinions sometimes seem deviant, but its roots, but not away from the road, humanity, many problems, are directed at the heart of the people, to the point, giffin is really curious, lyu3 bu4 mind how can there be so many fantastic ideas."I don't know in the eyes of general guan, is the importance of false name, or brother's righteousness important?" Coppage smiled."A flat wife?" Lyu3 bu4 nodded, this is a political marriage: "according to the text and said."宋茜最强情侣




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