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曾海潮 李悦广东餐桌Chapter 38 generals are in danger of dying in battle"The Lord is wise." Palace nodded, Chen now changan lyu3 bu4 forces, and even the whole can be said no barren, even the west cool their land, because of numerous trade businessman, although not is the major grain-producing warehouse, but if of rich and poor is no better than other places, savings in five years, I'm afraid even lyu3 bu4 to himself now treasures of wealth is not equal to Chen gong clearly, for the next war, Chen gong is very confident.Several soldiers picked up the rolling wood and threw it at the foot of the city wall, without knowing where the enemy was. However, it was only for a moment that each of the soldiers was pierced by at least a dozen arrows.

"Enemy attack ~""That is not necessarily true. The shu road was difficult, and lu bu's powerful crossbow was restricted a lot in shu. Moreover, the family in shu did not want lu bu to occupy shu, and they wanted to break through shu, even if there was no external influence, it would take at least five years." Xun yu shook his head, shu road is difficult, the limit of the crossbow in the mountain battle is very big, because the mountain road can not be straight, your crossbow attack range is large, if at the turning point of the mountain road set up a ambush or camp against the words, lu bu bow advantage can not play out.The camp happened to be stuck in the taihang mountains, from which the hay could be carried down, but the encircling barracks here, no matter how much hay they had in reserve, would eventually run out.曾海潮 李悦Xiahou yuan's main force of jizhou was defeated, and now the whole army of wuan reinforcements was wiped out. Cao cao's forces in the whole southern hebei province were only supported by yu ban in the plain area.

曾海潮 李悦Chapter 17 the misfortune of Confucianism, the world's fortune"That's not necessary." Lyu3 bu4 depend on the general chair, his eyes narrowing slightly, "zhou yu's influence, much more severe than this, and in the end, jiangdong military now in the hands of zhou yu, wars and, by zhou yu's family, all this two people go back, can pour me changan prosperous scene back to jiangdong, not afraid of no one to cooperate with us, jiangdong, don't need is wimp, male table ready for dialing money food and a big battle is inevitable.""Fifty thousand?" CAI smell speech, a few spasm, chests are a nameless anger rises suddenly, when liu bei in jingzhou isolated, will shut down Chen, however, less than two thousand, but as the war in luoyang, be liu2 bei4 captures the thirty thousand troops, and station troops in nanyang, let liu bei to nanyang, jiangxia control in the hands of all forces, by now, liu bei to unexpectedly in the north rejected lyu3 bu4, south from jiangdong, also to bring out the fifty thousand troops, the military forces, there is a big part of what was supposed to be his CAI, are now help Liu Beilai xiangyang, the CAI in the heart of a fire the opening of the involuntary ignorance.

"Have no matter, adult go to accord a little rest first, I this go to ask ying er to come out." Xu niang smiled and greeted people to welcome Chen qun in."Wait a moment, day by day, white horse two armies have not entered jizhou, waiting for meng qi and zilong to enter jizhou, xia houyuan must be an inch of chaos, then I can take the opportunity to attack, one action will be xia houyuan headquarters destroyed, then jizhou can be down!" Zhang liao looked at the jinan map in front of him and smiled.After saying this, he directly shouldered the copper rod and walked to the zhaode hall. The man hesitantly took a look at lanzhan before walking straight to the zhaode hall.曾海潮 李悦




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