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ed2k 北川景子歌秀一吸白的价格"Hey, that's hard to say, kongming is usually a modest gentleman style, but not corrupt, if necessary, he can do it." Pang tong shook his head and laughed, to say here most know zhuge liang, I'm afraid it's him, that guy can belly black malicious, although two people also enemy also friend, but this time, as long as there is a chance, zhuge liang absolutely don't mind die of Yin himself.Hsiung-kuo heard the words and frowned. "What about you, little lord?" He asked."You..." Lyu3 bu4 did not continue to say more on this topic, thought about it: "I heard that Guan Er scored into Jiangdong, Wen He feel, how about the victory or defeat?"

According to Zhang Fei's experience, Normally, if a crossbowman gets close, Then of course it's going to be a mercury diarrhea, With one gusto, Kill the enemy until they fall apart, But when the real battle is over, The one-sided picture did not emerge, the seemingly flawed army, At the beginning of the battle, as embedded in their own small gyroscope general crazy spin up, the chop sword is designed after, suitable for step length, some similar to later samurai knife, and the local sergeant's skills are not much, is a move sweep, a knife, quickly retreat, then another person to continue sweeping."Come on, you 're goe to take care of it!" Zhuge liang face, harsh voice way.Pang Tong nodded: "Unfortunately, if this son could have been born ten years earlier, now even enough alone."ed2k 北川景子Rapid footsteps woke up a lot of sleeping people, many people curious to wait and see, but see a large number of people toward the secretariat of the murderous past, many alert people hurriedly pulled family, the doors and windows closed, tonight looks unusual.

ed2k 北川景子"General lee is not good at guarding the city at the moment, but assemble here, what do you want to do?" XiongKuoHai faint swept Li after the whole body of the troops one eye, asked sullenly.With the command of guan yu, the troops left in the city quickly went up the wall, originally under the onslaught of pan zhang began to precarious south city was quickly stabilized.

Ma smell speech, can't help but frown slightly, this is contrary to his plan, no doubt, but wu into their two troops failed to arrive, ma shaken confidence at the moment, smell speech can not help nodding: "In that case, it is not too late, life Xie Yun, li hun two generals led the army around the guanzhong military forces, I immediately set out, catch lu zheng.""Arrows!" And did not immediately put the arrow, but after the other party into two hundred steps range, just began to order, before the war with yan yan, also have some understanding of the rattan shield, two hundred steps away, the arrow cluster is difficult to shoot through the rattan shield, but within two hundred steps, then wait to be mowed.After a few provocations, see yan yan is stuck, wei yan almost a fire, fortunately was Deng Xian timely organization, although now autumn, it is a good time to set fire, but shu can be different outside, if this fire really boil, how many innocent don't say, they themselves also have to be trapped.ed2k 北川景子




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