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贾延安被查|白马寺正骨膏"According to the defeated soldier who fled back from the rout, he didn't see how many people were on the other side. Before he got close to them, the second master was shot with a sharp arrow. Then there were torches everywhere.< / p > < p > before the camp, almost all is the step army, you know, lu bu but brought eight thousand cavalry, high can not feel the other side of such a successful raid, lu bu cavalry will be honest in the camp.A slave soldier rushed too hard, directly into the enemy, the hand of the machete left split right cut, cut down two enemy, but his body was at the same time to a dozen of long guns into a beehive.

"Where's the owl? ?" Lu bu stood in front of the copycat and shouted at the surrounding mountains."Thank you, Lord." Orderly to lv bu a bow, no melodramatic, took over the zhou cang sent horse bridle turned on the horse."This is the end of today's training." Lv bu looked at the sky, although only after noon, but today, he is not ready to continue to train, these girls have trained for a month, the nerve has been stretched too tight, they need to relax.贾延安被查|"Ha ~" jia xu shook his head: "fengxiao alarmando, my Lord lv bu, and the world for many years, or a failure, but this world, can kill his people, only his own.

贾延安被查|Think of guo jia's evaluation, cao cao some shibuya, even if the fierce as cao cao, now also under the influence of the family, and with the growing cao cao, those from the family pressure is more and more, looking at guo jia, cao cao opened his mouth, but was interrupted by guo jia."Nothing has happened yet, but Chen is more worried about jingxiang clan than yecheng clan." Li ru shook his head. The yecheng clan was very honest these days, and jia xu kept a secret to monitor the movements of these people.After thinking about it, they nodded their heads and said, "I hope the champion hou can keep his promise."

In the imperial palace, yuan xi enthusiastic banquet broadband han rong.Lv buyou looked around, but he saw yuan tan rushing about in the chaotic army.As for whether anyone will catch the leak in the future, these problems have to go through these things before we can start to deal with them.贾延安被查|




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