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小房东智取众美女|活动雨蓬Lu bu turned his head and looked at the direction of the fall of the flag. At that moment, he clearly determined that cao cao could not avoid the arrow he shot in any way."Not the equalization system." Cao cao shook his head in a pamphlet to lu bu way: "this is a recent period of time, the west is cool, bing and hetao, sort out the western regions of the information, the general has a regulation, before the people of all nationalities, under our must learn Chinese, I wear hanfu, therefore, folk appeared a lot of contradictions, a lot of qiang, hu people of all nationalities are very upset about this, often clash with local officials, also makes our rear unstable security."Li dian pupil contracts suddenly, see clearly behind this group of disorderly army, a big flag fluttering in the wind is fast approaching, on the big flag, like a few big characters that let blood dye red -- fu bo zhong lang will horse in the sun is so dazzling.

Chapter 45 beginningsCAI MAO this want to launch, at this time smell words, but hands a hug, quietly watching the development of the situation."It's a long story. I played under the champion hou for a period of time. Zhaoyun sighs.小房东智取众美女|"Get up, I don't mean to blame you." Lyu3 bu4 waved, motioned zhen shi to get up, look to zhen shi, suddenly ask a way: "hear love wife home once did business world?"

小房东智取众美女|"Different? Xu shu was surprised.'what? Guo tu's words came down like a bolt from the blue and made yuan tan dumbstruck. For a long time, his face just flashed an angry look: "who did you know?"Cao cao's political environment is not much better than that of lu bu. What worries jiang dongsun, jingzhou liu biao and guo jia most is that lu bu persuaded any of them to attack cao cao.

Woman wall, watching these body up and down by the heavy armor of the warriors slowly but firmly climb up, let out a despairing roar.Guo xin some excitement way: "that secret way has not been discovered now, but straight through to the house, the general can order an elite division from the secret way into the city, secretly open the gate.""Metatoo may be right, let me consider a little bit." Yuan shang waved impatiently and said, "I'm sleepy."小房东智取众美女|




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